Key Management

So much more than key management

At EL Arfero, keyholding is so much more than just keeping your key & your important stuff!
We offer a total solution so that – even if you are not staying in Spain – you can enjoy without worries!

For example, we regularly visit your home and keep an eye on everything that can go wrong during your absence.
We are therefore pleased to offer you the following services:

Our services

Keeping your key and important personal items.

Visiting your home on a regular basis.

Checking for possible (storm) damage to your home or garden.

Ventilate your home to prevent mold.

Checking your gas, water and electricity connections.

Collecting your mail (forwarded to you if desired).

Controlling & preventing unwanted pests.

Keyholding is trust

Because keyholding is a matter of trust, we are happy to help you personally.
Make a no-obligation appointment with our representative at our office or use the online service via video call.
Moreover, you can always reach our contact persons during office hours and they are always at your service!

You can contact us in the following languages: Dutch, French, English and Spanish.
Due to our local location just next to the exit of Torrevieja Norte and on the road between Alicante airport and Torrevieja, we are easily accessible.

In addition to our Keyholding services, you can contact us for the maintenance of your home & garden, as well as cleaning services.

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