Maintenance of your home & garden

Enjoy carefree

Even if you are not staying in Spain, you want to be able to enjoy your (second) home without any worries.
In addition to our Keyholding service, we also offer a total solution for monitoring, maintaining and caring for your home!

For example, you can contact us for the maintenance of your swimming pool, weed-free your garden and checking all technical matters surrounding your swimming pool.

You can also contact us for regular cleaning of your home after renting out or a major cleaning before your arrival in Spain!

We offer the following services to maintain your garden:

Cleaning your pool & refilling if necessary.

Checking the pump and any other techniques.

Garden & pathway weeding.

At EL Arfero you choose a trusted partner with a 360-degree service

Do you want to keep your home clean on a regular basis?
You can contact us for:

The complete cleaning of your home.

Dust off, vacuum & mop.

Cleaning the windows.

Change your bedding and linen.